1.  This year’s Drive East festival has moved to the cavernous Ellen Stewart Theater, and the Kathak dancer Archana Joglekar, in a vibrant solo program, made the extra space work to her advantage.

By the end of her 90-minute presentation,  Ms. Joglekar’s mature warmth and clarity, in a form that requires as much emotional nuance as it does rhythmic exactitude, effortlessly enraptured. Even technical interruptions (sound and lights that needed adjusting) didn’t break that spell.

Alternating between dancing and explaining her work (helpful for the Kathak-going novice), Ms. Joglekar presented both richly narrative and purely technical aspects of the form — its rapidly pattering footwork, whirring spins and mellifluous gestures ...

More alluring than these sometimes too-cute passages were her distillations of technique, which shed light on the mathematical complexity of Kathak. Any viewer with a liking for numbers might have craved a more in-depth look at the form’s musical structure, which revolves around 16-beat cycles. But Ms. Joglekar offered an excellent primer, pounding out increasingly ornate rhythms with off-the-cuff ease. These seemed to just pass through her, as if the ground were shaking, and its vibrations rising through her feet.

In more narrative moments, that footwork could signal a story’s climax or change of mood, as could her finely wrought facial expressions. Recounting a centuries-old poem that inspired her, she described Krishna as “the one whose face is so enchanting that once you set eyes on him, you can’t look anywhere else.” The same could be said of Ms. Joglekar.

----- New York Times, Aug. 2015

2. ‘Shakuntala’ is dancer’s dream come true and Archana in her performance was the audience’s dream come true. She presented the most romantic part of Shakuntala, the meeting of King Dushyant and Shakuntala at the Ashram of Kanva muni. This presentation was elaborate, dramatic and sheer poetry in motion, bringing our the actress in her fully in to focus.
  The royal look at Dushyant, she conveyed within fraction of a second. The dancing fawns, the birds, she represented with suppleness. Archana was all excellence as the shy Shakuntala. Dressed in white and gold, radiant and beautiful Archana was the epitome of the true dancer.

  --         By Sarita Kaushik - Dance Critic at Kalidas Festival - The Times of India Nagpur - Nov 97.


3.     In a 45 minute extravaganza, Indo American audience sampled the subtle nuances of body movement and fast footwork which the vivacious danseuse Archana Joglekar &  her team mates demonstrated with great skill & virtuosity.  Occasional interpretations made the presentation yet more interesting and informative.

                  RajLaxmi Rao - for Indo-American Society - Feb 98



4.   Indian classical dance can be a mystery to a foreigner but your spirited, happy performance, your exquisite facial expressions and your well spoken words made Kathak came marvelously alive for me.

  --         Personal note - Mrs. Brigitte McKenzie - wife of US Dy. Consul General in India - Oct 97


5.      Archana is not only a dancer but an extremely creative artist, a choreographer with insight. In her dance, there is always a new composition on a new subject.  She began today’s performance with ‘Shri Ram Stuti’ followed by ‘Tatkar’ showing vibhinna layakari.  Her Abhinaya item - (Abhisarika and Virahotkantitha) won the hearts of not only critics but also commoners.

  --         Dr. Vasantrao Rajopadhye


6.       Archana’s Kathak recital was extremely attractive, with perfection in nrittya and abhinaya of par excellence, her performance will be remembered for a long time.

  --         Arvind Gajendragadkar - Yuwa Sangeet Samaroha by State Govt. of Maharashtra  

  7.  Using abhinaya from all schools of classical dance she metamorphises them into Kathak by reason of her style .....Precise footwork, poise& charm made her eminently watchable, especially her delivery of chakradaar & gintiyaan .... however she came into her element as an actress of considerable skill in The Khandita Nayika item. Her swift changes from impetuous expectation to
impatient waiting & finally furious rejection of her lover when she notices tell-tale marks of another woman's affection. Brilliant Kathak artistry lived again, and there was not one person in the audience who wasn't moved.

 --         Times of India
  8.  Archana's Kathak was the highlight of this week long dance & music festival ... her recital was a treat to the dance lovers - with her easy narration she explained the difficult intricacies of Aamad, Ginati, Parans & Chakradaars and won thundering applause from the audience.

 --         Sunday Observer
  9.  On the stage she was transformed. She was a dancer enjoying the performing art. She was an actress emoting the 'bhav' of the dance. She began aptly with first few shlokaas of Kalidas's "Raghuwansham" and the Shiv-panchaakshari. Invoking Lord Shankara, she proved within minutes her caliber as an artist. .... All the forms of Shiv were presented by her with perfection. Her
green-grey eyes flashed in the lights with an expression on her face which matched the stormy projection. Her eyes seemed to mirror the " Rudra". In short, Archana was a performer par excellence.

 --         The Hitavada