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Guru Srimati Asha Joglekar

Archana Nrityalaya was founded by Late Guru Asha Joglekar in 1963. Her exceptional teaching skills & personal attention to each student enhanced the in-depth knowledge offered to every student of the institute, making Archana Arts a highly reputed Kathak Dance Academy since 2009.

Guru Pandita Archana Joglekar

Founder and CEO, Archana Joglekar is a celebrated actress, director, and Kathak Dancer of India. Born a child prodigy, she was trained in detailed nuances of Lucknow & Jaipur Gharana by her mother and Guru, Asha Joglekar.

"Archanaji's passion, knowledge and art really shows as you watch every student as they perform! Coal needs to be put under pressure to become diamonds and the kids and their parents really get it!! The structure, the sequence, the pace, the selection, your performance and the culmination pieces - everything was outstanding and a visual treat." — Atul

"The annual show, 'Rhythm of Life' is just REMARKABLE, DISTINCT, MESMERIZING and it was so much more that few words cannot describe it. All of my family who came to see the show were just amazed to see such professional level performances by all the girls. Especially some of the short stories and your philanthropy towards Kathak came out good through your speech." — anonymous

"I have seen several recitals over last 10 years thanks to my daughter's involvement. Archanaji's commitment, dedication, involvement in every single detail and the effortless ease with which you seem to make it all come together (though I know it can't be easy at all) is tremendously worthy of appreciation."— Anirudh

"When you cannot decide which one of your favorite from an evening full of classical dances, you know that its an evening thoroughly enjoyed. Be it the little girls just stepping into Kathak or the beautiful girls who have learning this beautiful art for years. Of course, the cherry on the top is the back story presented behind each composition and your relationship to it." — Monika

"Year after year, the level of the performers keeps getting better. It is enthralling to see the progression of the little ones blossoming into such a fine dancers. But it would not have been possible if they had not find the Guru like Archana Tai. These kids are so blessed to have such Kathak legend like her in their life. And as the parents we are fortunate too. She and her faculty show students how far they have to go and what life long commitment to the art form means." — Abhijit & Shilpa

"The show was amazing! Hats off to Archana Tai for working so hard to put this show together and to make it the best it can be. I had a guest from India who thoroughly enjoyed the performances and following are her own words: I would not have imagined to witness 3 and 1/2 hours of a pure classical show in the USA, which I have not even seen in India. The show was fabulous." — Geeta