1.   Archana Joglekar

  ‘Shakuntala’ is dancer’s dream come true and Archana in her performance was the audience’s dream come true. 

Brilliant Kathak artistry lived again, and there was not one person in the audience who wasn't moved.

 Her Abhinaya item - (Abhisarika and Virahotkantitha) won the hearts of not only critics but also commoners.  


She presented the most romantic part of Shakuntala, the meeting of King Dushyant and Shakuntala at the Ashram of Kanva muni. 

Archana is not only a dancer but an extremely creative artist, a choreographer with insight. In her dance, there is always a new composition on a new subject. 

 Archana’s Kathak recital was extremely attractive, with perfection in nrittya and abhinaya of par excellence, her performance will be remembered for a long time.  

Using abhinaya from all schools of classical dance she metamorphises them into Kathak by reason of her style .....Precise footwork, poise& charm made her eminently watchable, especially her delivery of chakradaar & gintiyaan.

Archana was all excellence as the shy Shakuntala.

Subtle nuances of body movement and fast footwork demonstrated with great skill & virtuosity. 

On the stage she was transformed. She was a dancer enjoying the performing art. She was an actress emoting the 'bhav' of the dance.